School Security Systems Installation Services

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A safe & secure learning environment is a challenge for every educational facility. As Statista reported 30,694 school crimes in

Retail Security: 5 Ways to Protect Your Store From Violent Shoplifters

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With thousands of retail crimes, shoplifting is a major threat. You can see the number of Shoplifting Offences in England

Security Radar For Extensive Area Coverage and Minimum False Alarms

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Video Security Radar System Installation Services offered by Abeera LTD uses cutting-edge technology that precisely pinpoints the protected spaces and

How To Get Your Surveillance Project Done Faster With Abeera Ltd

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Your business and home need high-quality customizable surveillance systems that can run glitch-free. At Abeera LTD, you can find cost-effective

360° Camera Delivers Complete Overviews and Great Details

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As the name implies, a 360° multi-directional surveillance CCTV camera is designed to capture the whole world around it. This

How Hard Should it Be to Design A Surveillance System?

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This blog describes why it should not be any hard for you to design a surveillance system. If you involve

Complete Surveillance Solutions Make Installation More Straightforward

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Surveillance System installation can be a tricky task if you attempt to follow unclear instructions and take a risk to

Scalable, Flexible Access Control System Installation Services

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The demand for access control systems is on the rise in the UK, as security is everyone’s concern, and a

Business Security Tips For Summers

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With the change of season comes inevitably the new business security risks to consider. It’s not that thieves are active

Types of Businesses That Need to Update Their Security Systems

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You need an up-to-date security system for your office, no matter if you have a small or a big commercial

CCTV for Retail: Reduce Retail Internal Theft

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Retail CCTV System restricts break-ins, vandalism, thieves, false transactions and retail internal theft. One of the hardest things to fight

Tips for Effectively Managing Access Control System

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An Access control system is a prime security feature of any office building. Nonetheless, simply access control installation is not