Wondering what makes the best home security system? Well, the pinnacle of security technology was a system that could alert authorities when an emergency occurred. The must-have basics of a security system will always be the same as alarms, sensors, smart locks, and etc. However, ease of use, upgraded features, latest technology, home integration, and smart automation are the modern security essentials that make the best home security system.

Furthermore, we dug deep into equipment, features, ratings, reviews to determine which system would work best for you.

Best Home Security System:

Wireless Technology

Data-rich wireless technology is one of the biggest advances in a security system. The same push that frees us from being bound to a computer desk at a particular place. Remote monitoring is so powerful and dependable that it’s included in most provider’s packages of the best self-monitored home security system. It’s not merely a wireless connection, but a lifeline connection between the best home security system and homeowner. The most vulnerable part of an old classic alarm system was the telephone line. If burglars damage the wire there’s no longer any connection between a homeowner and the security system.

Surveillance Technology

Parallel advances in imaging quality and video technology not only provide us with mobile miniature megapixels in our smartphones and webcams but also magnify the role that video surveillance plays in theft identification.

We now have CCTV with built-in features, vivid full-colour HD, high capacity DVRs, pan and tilt zoom cameras, as a part of the best home security system.

Home Automation Technology

One of the gigantic spheres of innovation is smart home automation technology.

Integrating two-way wireless communication with app technology, home automation allows us to control an individual’s entry into a given space from almost everywhere in the world. Home automation helps you track real-time information about your system directly through your smartphone.

Best Home Security System Provider: Abeera Ltd

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