What Are Electronic Security Systems?

Electronic security systems act as the best threat prevention measure to protect your home, business, and personal assets, letting you live in peace.

Research reveals the total number of burglaries recorded in the UK as over 402 thousand in 2020.

Different types of security systems can make your life safer and easier. A few of them are mentioned below.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) System

Function: The CCTV electronic security systems are used to monitor the interior and exterior of a property.  

Components: A CCTV system has different components such as a recorder, lens, camera.

Types: You can choose from various types including dome cctv camera, bullet cctv camera, infrared/night vision cctv, network/IP cctv, high definition cctv, thermal heat detection cctv cameras etc.

Costs: The average costs of CCTV camera electronic security systems depend on different factors like the system’s complexity, types of cameras, size of your property, number of CCTV cameras you want to install.

Intruder Alarms System

Function: Sensors detect motion, and as a result, trigger the alarm. System sends out all the signals from sensors to the control panel.

Components: An alarm system consists of motion sensors, a control panel, a camera, a flashlight, and batteries.

Types: Among different types of intruder alarm systems, bells-only systems, monitored systems, electronic security systems with speed dialers are included. You can have a hard-wired, a hybrid, or a wireless security alarm.

Furthermore, business intruder alarm equipment types involve a passive infra-red (PIR) detector, quad element PTRs, dual technology PIR/microwave, curtain PIRs, external PIRs, break glass detectors, vibration detectors, and door contacts.

Costs: Alarm system costs depend on the type of system you choose, CCTV integration, integration with other systems, as well as the type of installation company you choose. You can choose the intruder alarm system offered by Abeera LTD for the best prices.

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