Sometimes you need to accept that your once state-of-the-art business security system has seen its better days, and now it’s time to move onto a system upgrade. 

When your current yet outdated surveillance systems seem to be working on the surface, but suffer from gaps that means there may be hidden risks. Considering the security of your business assets and data, revamp your existing security system. For this purpose, you can take the help of electronic security company Abeera LTD.

Further, consider a security infrastructure upgrade if:

1. System Not Functioning: Business security fails if your cameras fail to record, or show key office areas. You need to make sure that all areas are sufficiently protected. 

2. Business Expansion: Your business has expanded since the last CCTV installation. Any change in the office space, rise in foot traffic, or increase in the number of entrances, will directly impact your security needs.

Given the new addition of office areas and staff, you would need to re-evaluate your current surveillance and access control systems.

3. Outdated System: It’s been years since you installed your CCTV system. High tech hackers never rest. They create new hacking schemes and new viruses to invade your office privacy and disturb your business security. Thus, you need to ensure that your safety protocols are in place and your network has the current day software patches.

4. Camera Resolution: Can your surveillance system clearly capture images and videos? If your CCTV footage looks like a pixelated mess, get rid of it. For better visibility, clearer images, and cooler footages, upgrade the current cameras to super HD cameras with higher resolution.

5. Latest Features: Does your camera system have all the current features? Latest elements like cloud-based solutions, remote accessibility, night vision, pan, tilt and zoom features strengthen the overall office security infrastructure.

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