The goal of a telephone entry system is to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to your property. Likewise, an intercom is a voice communication system that is a fundamental component of office security.

Types of Telephone entry systems:

Telephone entry systems come in a variety of sizes, configurations, integration, and capabilities to keep your home or office safe and secure. Some access control systems are used to control one or two doors in a small building. Others need to cover over 30 doors in a comparatively large office premise. No matter the case, businesses that need highly regulated security systems need an access control system that has both proxy card authentication and fingerprint scan. Some businesses who aim for higher security, integrate their telephone entry system with a video surveillance system.

Let’s explain how different types of intercom systems work.

Wireless intercom:

Wireless intercom doesn’t require any wires to work. With wireless systems, users can hear a conversion within a specific range. They have devices such as cordless phones, scanners, baby monitors, etc.

Wired Intercom System:

With only a pair of wires, wired intercom systems can both transmit and receive voice. Wires transmit the voice from one party to the other party.

Audio Intercom Systems:

An audio telephone entry system is used in a building or a collection of buildings. Pressing the doorbell button alerts the person at the master station and he can communicate verbally with the person outside. By pressing the button at the master station, the door is unlocked automatically. The necessary components include electrified lock, base station, door station, wiring as well as power supply.

Video Intercom:

Video telephone entry system also consists of base or master station and one or more remote door stations. The doorbell is placed on the door station which when pressed activates the standalone unit. This alerts the homeowner and he can thus communicate with the visitor.

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