A National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales issued by the UK Govt signifies the importance of surveillance security. It clearly states: “CCTV surveillance in public places has continued to be a part and parcel of life across England and Wales – unquestionably across the entirety of the United Kingdom – for the past 40 years. Its effectiveness and presence have become universal.” That’s why Electronic Security Company, Abeera LTD has the mission of providing the UK citizens with quality built-in CCTV systems.

How Do CCTV Systems work?

A CCTV system consists of a monitor, a recorder and a lens. Cameras provide security, monitoring and surveillance. All different types of CCTV cameras require a power supply. Video cameras record and transmit the footage to monitors. They need a network connection. The downfall of not having a network connection means you won’t receive notifications alerts.

What Are The Types of CCTV Cameras?

 • Dome CCTV Cameras and Bullet CCTV Cameras

• Wired CCTV Cameras and Wireless CCTV Cameras

• Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras and Network/IP CCTV Cameras

• High-Definition HD CCTV Cameras and Thermal Heat Detection CCTV cameras

What Are The Advantages of a CCV System?

A surveillance system offers you remote and local access. You can view the 24/7 live with a monitor connected to the system. It sends instant alerts when identifying motion events. It backs up footages to an FTP server cloud. It secures CCTV images on-site to an SD card or an NVR. It uses battery cellular security when there’s no power supply, especially in off-grid places.

What’s The Best Electronic Security Surveillance Provider in The UK?

Abeera LTD is one of the most trusted electronic security in the UK. The leading security provider is known for its quality security products. Here you can choose high-end CCTV surveillance cameras according to your office or home needs at cost-effective prices. For free security tips and affordable CCTV surveillance systems contact our security experts at 020 3737 3990 or sales@abeera.co.uk.