Do you know that your most vulnerable home security location is your front door? FYI, in the UK, most burglaries happen during the daytime between 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM. As most homeowners are out at work, burglars find a way to break-in. Further, homeowners in England and Wales had to face 356.02 thousand burglary offences in 2019. That’s the reason a number of home security companies like Abeera Ltd are actively offering its services to ensure the safe and secure Great Britain.

For a safe home, we advise you to install the following home security systems according to your needs.

Home Security Systems:

  • Video Door Entry System
  • Biometric Door Entry System
  • Audio Intercom
  • Automated Gates
  • Burglar Alarms System
  • CCTV Camera
  • Thermal Imaging Camera

Video Door Entry System

Video door entry systems are a form of home security that has all the necessary security elements and cool features. They are capable of integration and automation to open the door to new possibilities for a completely safe and secure home.

Biometric Door Entry Systems

In recent years, biometric securitysystems have become a popular option for most homeowners in the UK to stay protected from potential intruders. This fantastic fingerprint scanner is convenient to use, with no keys, no passwords, no fobs, no cards. They give you a sense of home security after all your unique fingerprint is much safer than any key. Abeera Ltd has a range of scanners to suit your budget and taste.

Audio Intercom

The telephone system combines with the outdoor panel, gate automation and offers a perfect solution to restrict unwanted entry into your home premise. The ever-expanding range of audio intercom kits allows you to communicate with your visitors and let you decide if they are allowed to enter into your space or not. 

Home Security Services Professional security services can offer you home security services according to your needs. You can choose a professional electronic security company in the UK for the most suitable security system for every type: such as Audio intercom, video intercom, fingerprint scanner, automatic gate, automatic door opener, touch-free entry system, touchless exit kit, CCTV camera, thermal camera, and more. The UK based company Abeera LTD has a range of home security products that meets the budgetary needs and security requirements of each client. You can reach expert technicians, engineers and installers via 020 3737 3990 or