Beyond a shadow of a doubt, an access control system safeguards your business facility.

According to a report [2019-2020], 6.43 million crime offences were recorded in the past years. This indicates why business owners must protect their offices. For this purpose, you can take the help of Abeera LTD, offering the installation of highly built-in access control systems all across the UK, all at cost-effective prices. 

Different types of businesses have different security and surveillance needs. Thus, when choosing an access control system, take into account its different types.

Access Control System

Types of Access Control System

There is a range of options to keep in mind, such as biometric, smart card, key fob, card, magnetic stripe, hands-free, proximity, or keypad.

Further, you can have a Stand-Alone System or a Computer-Based Entry Control System, a Hard-Wired Door Entry System or a Wireless Access Control System based on your office security needs.

Stand-Alone Access Control Vs. Computer-Based Access Control

Stand-alone entry control system employs locks on each door. It’s often well-suited to smaller facilities with fewer access-restricted doors and fewer users. Overall it’s quite easy to set up a stand-alone door entry system when compared with a networked system. On the other hand, a computer-based entry control system provides you with centralized control of multiple doors via wireless network. This type of access control system is best for medium or large-sized facilities with many doors and many users.

Hard-Wired Access Control System vs. Wireless Access Control System

Hard-wiring your office building for an entry control system is one of the best security solutions. The wires conjoin and secure all of the system’s elements resulting in stronger security infrastructure. Wired systems are hard to retrofit into the existing building as compared with the wireless system. On the contrary, a wireless control system runs on battery and communicates with the system via a wireless network. The wireless system is based on gateways or access points to convey communications between the central system and door mechanisms. 

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