Video Security Radar System Installation Services offered by Abeera LTD uses cutting-edge technology that precisely pinpoints the protected spaces and motion trail, and minimizes false alarms.

Advantages of Video Security Radar system Installation

Electronic Security Services offers a well-engineered Security Radar System that can work interrupted even in the hardest environmental conditions.

The security radar’s accuracy is not rendered by dense fog, snow, or rain.

Additionally, It triggers video recording, tracks accurately record multiple footages, and targets simultaneously, identifying precise movements like running and walking of intruders. 

Securing Spacious Open Zones with Radar Video Security

The security radar is ideal for monitoring spacious open zones where the deployment of only video surveillance is way too complex. Wide detection angles, state-of-the-art technology, ultra-accurate intruder detection makes it reliable. It’s a perfect security solution for open spaces like ports, airports, and colossal commercial domains.

Latest Technology For Radar Video Security

The security radar system offered by Electronic Security Services employs an intelligent analysis algorithm and the latest digital beam-forming technology. Therefore, the radar is capable of pinpointing the exact location, providing motion trail, direction, as well as the velocity of potential intruders. With its wide-angle view and long-distance capture, the radar system doesn’t have any limitations in pinpointing the precise location of intruders.

Radar Video Security Services: Abeera LTD

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Electronic Security Services Abeera offers you security radar installation, Radar Video Security Services, surveillance cameras installation, CCTV upgrade, as well as regular maintenance and repair.

If you need security radar installation, CCTV installation, and security system upgrade, you can take the help of our expert technicians.

Besides, we integrate your surveillance camera with high-tech automated gates, automatic gate openers, fingerprint scanners, security alarms, audio intercom, video intercom, access control systems, and a range of other security systems.

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