Security is a base layer of the foundation of every business. Abeera LTD takes care of this, making sure every single part of your business is safe and secure.

Investing in a quality security system for your storefront can help control unwanted break-ins. There are various types of security systems such as a monitored alarm system, CCTV system, access control system and so on and so forth.

Monitored Alarm System – First and foremost you need a built-in alarm system monitored by a security company. The company will detect instruction and alert authorities. Once armed, the system brings into play its sensors to detect motion. Alarm systems can either be hardwired or wireless. Beyond this, the system has various types of sensors, different levels of alerts, as well as integration with other security systems such as CCTV installation.

CCTV Installation – The number of crimes caught on camera a decade ago was 2,512 (BBC). You can imagine what the number would be by this year. The number would definitely be getting higher and higher. It’s a known fact that with the passage of time, the number of surveillance cameras is increasing. A well placed high-tech CCTV camera system pointing in the right direction, leaving no blind spots or bad reflections is a sure-fire way for your business security. It’s necessary that cameras are covering the main areas and storage options are set up flawlessly. It’s best that the CCTV system is integrated with the door access control system for a safe and secure business operation.

Access Control System – The system collects data that could authenticate the identity of visitors and lead to the identification of the perpetrator if your business faces a security breach. It allows proactive assessments of safety risks so that you can take necessary actions and make necessary adjustments when needed.

Last Say: If you want a safe and secure business, have a high-tech security system installed in your office today. If you’re looking for a quality and yet cost-effective security service in the UK, have a look at the huge range of services Abeera Ltd have on offer. Contact our electronic security company at 020 3737 3990 or and let us know how we can help you.