A safe & secure learning environment is a challenge for every educational facility.

As Statista reported 30,694 school crimes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


School Security Systems:

When it comes to school security, present-day challenges range from violence to vandalism, life threats to the spread of germs. A comprehensive approach to the installation of school security systems can mitigate the risk, and improve safety.

Body Temperature Camera Installation Service:

The most logical way to curb the growth of Covid-19 is timely detection and afterwards comes the diagnosis. The good news is you can easily detect body temperature through body temperature cameras. It’s impractical to exercise a standard manual thermometer to measure hundreds of students and teachers body-temperature at one time. Thus, a thermal imaging camera works best for schools during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Door Entry System Installation Service:

A door entry system is a stand-alone intercom system that manages access into the school facility. Once the identity of the students and staff are verified on a visual basis they can enter into the academic space without any hustle. Unauthorized access can be restricted and investigated.

Security Alarm System Installation Service:

Alarms typically operate based on particular triggers and produce a loud audible ring. With a security alarm service, you can call for help in emergency situations. The authorities in the monitoring station can send police to take immediate action and rescue students and staff from any danger.

CCTV Security System Installation Service:

High definition CCTV cameras can provide schools with higher resolution and crystal clear videos. With every detail, large coverage area, and endless expansion, schools can easily identify criminal offences within the school domain. The camera system allows 24-hour monitoring, live streaming, recording, exporting, and ensuring security.

Electronic Security Company in The UK: Abeera Ltd

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