Education thrives in a safe space. Video analytics technology of a CCTV system can combat threats like bullying, abuse and assault in schools. According to the recent PDK poll, a massive 72% of respondents don’t trust their school security.

Since school security is a real concern, schools are turning to Abeera LTD for surveillance cameras, to ensure safety and security. Here’s how CCTV cameras can protect schools.

Video Analytics Works As a Security Guard

Video analytics works as a school security guard. Likewise, a CCTV system keeps a constant eye on people in school halls, classrooms, staff rooms, and playgrounds and detects if anything unusual occurs. Advanced motion detectors of a surveillance system follow teachers, students around campus, and ensure a protected school environment for students and educators. 

CCTV Monitoring Saves Time and Saves Lives

According to an estimate, CCTV video monitoring systems save over 55 million hours to clients every year. Built-in surveillance systems are not only time saving but also life-saving. With video analytics, authorities are able to solve crimes in less time. Data collection and video identification of a CCTV system improves overall investigations and paves the way for criminals tracking.

Deter Students’ Misbehaviors

Prevention is better than cure. Placing security cameras in clearly visible places will deter mischievous pranks that cross the line from being funny to cruel. Likewise, it will stop all forms of bullying by adolescents like hallway bullying, sack tapping, physical abuse, sexual harassment and a circle of doom.

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