With thousands of retail crimes, shoplifting is a major threat. You can see the number of Shoplifting Offences in England & Wales from 2015 to 2020.


5 Ways To Deter Shoplifting

The best way to deal with shoplifting is to thwart it from happening. Here are some of the latest technologies that can save your skin.

1. CCTV Surveillance Technology

The National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales issued by the UK Govt declared the significance of CCTV security. It defined security as: “CCTV surveillance in public places has continued to be a part and parcel of life across England and Wales – unquestionably across the entirety of the United Kingdom – for the past 40 years. Its effectiveness and presence have become universal.” Hence, certified electronic security company Abeera.co.uk comes forward with a mission to offer top-grade CCTV cameras to ensure a safe and secure Britain.

2. Security Radar Technology

The security radar is ideal for monitoring spacious open zones of shopping malls where the deployment of only video surveillance is a headache. Wide detection angles, modern technology, ultra-accurate intruder detection makes it the best security measure for big shopping centres. The security radar system offered by Abeera LTD employs an intelligent analysis algorithm with the latest digital beam-forming technology. Thus, the smart radar tracks the precise location, offering motion trail, direction, along with the velocity of potential shoplifters.


3. Access Control System Technology

Access control systems (ACS) offer high levels of security to business owners who are looking for automatic door locking solutions for their retail shops. ACS comes with high flexibility and convenience. Further, you can have a Stand-Alone System or a Computer-Based Entry Control System, a Hard-Wired Door Entry System or a Wireless Access Control System based on your retail security needs.

4. Thermal Imaging Camera Technology

These cameras recognize temperature, detect and capture various levels of infrared light. They can detect the light that is normally invisible to the eye. Heat generated by all objects in the form of infrared radiation is detected easily by a thermal imaging camera. Thus, to prevent any theft the camera easily identifies the presence of an object.

5. Security Alarm Technology

It’s the best idea to choose an expert security provider that can offer you quality alarms, price estimates, product details, warranty, customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, on-time installation, after-sale maintenance and other such security services based on your retail business needs.

Electronic Security Company in The UK: Abeera Ltd

If you need security system installation, upgrade, or maintenance, you can take the help of our expert technicians at Abeera. We offer high-tech automated gates, CCTV surveillance, thermal imaging cameras, automatic gate openers, fingerprint scanners, security alarms, audio intercom, video intercom, access control systems, and a range of other security systems. If you want to talk to a security expert, you can contact Electronic Security Services Abeera LTD at 020 3737 3990 or sales@abeera.co.uk.