Well placed home security cameras offer 24/7 monitoring and video evidence that can help you identify burglars.

The arrest rate for property crime was estimated 343.3 per 100,000 inhabitants by FBI in 2019. The law enforcement agencies nationwide made progress in the overall arrest rate when compared with last year’s estimates. The use of video surveillance is one of the biggest reasons why arrest rates are accelerating.

Optimal Places to Install Home Security Cameras:

Cameras can be indoor as well as outdoor.Make sure that the outdoor home security cameras are weather-resistant and have night vision so that they can monitor even in pitch dark. There are no one-size-fits-all ironclad rules for the best camera installation places since it depends on the size and structure of your property area. You can consider different areas of your house and decide which ones are absolute musts. However, the front door, first-floor windows, backdoor, garage door, and living room are the best places to place home security cameras.

Front Door camera – A surveillance camera fixed at the front door is kind of like a digital peephole. You can see who is outside before opening the door. It’s a good idea to place the CCTV camera above the door. The camera should be facing downward so that it covers the whole area of the front door opening.

First-Floor Windows – one of the most common entryways for intruders is the first floor. According to a report, 81% burglaries occurred through the first floor. Hence, you must place the home security cameras above the window so that you can have a view of the front yard.

Garage & Driveway – A CCTV camera installed at your garage keeps a watchful eye on everyone entering the driveway and offers you an extra layer of security.

Home interior – placing cameras in the living room, kitchen, and other common areas are the best way to monitor if the kids are doing well, if the babysitter is paying attention to the kids, if the pets are doing fine, and if the cleaners and repairman are doing what they are supposed to do.

Last Say:

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