Looking for entry system installation costs? Well, costs may differ according to the system specifications. It depends on the type of system you need for your residential or commercial premises. Do you need video only, audio only, or both audio and visuals? Likewise, other such cost deciding factors are as follows.

1- Material type

2- Labor

3- Level of quality

4- Level of lock security

5- Key fob or touch entry pad

6- Wired or wireless options.

Moreover, let’s elaborate on the topic further.

Entry System Cost Deciding Factors:

System Specifications: Higher specifications and better quality audio and visuals demand higher entry system installation costs.

Moving of an Intercom System: Many tenants have inner and outer doors. Some of them want their system to be moved from an inner door to the outer door. That can affect the entry system installation costs, however, charges are not much higher for moving the system.

New System Installation: If you want entirely a new intercom system for your home or office, you have to spend more as compared to moving or repairing your old system.

Joinery Work: Site survey, material supply, and installation of an entry system are the parts of the whole process. Joinery work needs your consideration and money. It involves:

(i) Replacement or Adjustment of a Door Closer – So that door closes and open without a bang.

(ii) Strengthening a Door or Door Frame – There’s little spending on fixing the broken door frame.

(iii) Lock Fitting – It includes the fitting of the entry system. As you can see in the following images, the intercom systems are complicated. hence, installation requires special joinery talent and skills. For this, you will have to hire and pay expert security services.

Door Entry System

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