Door entry systems regulate access to a certain space within a home or an office. For allowing authorized access there are different types of access control systems ranging from bio-metric intercom to keypad access control system, and audio intercom to video door entry system. They identify, verify, and give flexible control over who is permitted to enter into restricted areas.

Apart from security, they also remove the need for several keys. They allow direct and automatic access to a given area.

Types of Door Entry Systems

  • Keypad Door Entry Systems
  • Biometric Door Entry Systems
  • Proximity Readers
  • Video Door Entry Systems
  • Audio Door Entry Systems

Keypad Door Entry Systems:

Keypad door entry systems require codes and passwords. When the password or code is keyed in manually, the system verifies its authenticity and provides access. These systems offer security but there are chances of passwords being shared with others. To overcome this issue, some access control systems are paired with biometric systems.

Biometric Door Entry Systems

Biometric access control systems depend on physical attributes like fingerprints, handprints, retinal scans, to verify, identify and give access to someone.

Proximity Readers:

Proximity readers prove to be the most common set of door entry systems, commonly used office premises. It requires you to wear a sensor-based tag or swipe a card. The card can be deactivated once the person is no longer allowed to enter into a given space.

Video Door Entry Systems:

Video access control systems are stand-alone intercom systems that manage access into a specific facility. Once the identity of the person is verified on the visual basis he can enter into the home or office space.

Audio Door Entry Systems:

Audio access control systems are similar to the video door entry systems. However, they depend only on audio verification instead of visual verification.

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