This blog describes why it should not be any hard for you to design a surveillance system. If you involve security experts like Abeera LTD, dealing with a complex residential or commercial building’s surveillance system becomes as easy for you as ABC.

Components of Designing A Surveillance System:

Site mapping, survey, CCTV placement, distance measurement, data collection, system type selection, security system integration, and other such actions need an eye for detail and a certified electronic security company like does the job for you.

Camera Placement:

Camera placement is an important aspect of designing a surveillance system. You must need expert technicians for site surveys and thorough analysis. You must figure out what is and what is not within the view of a particular camera. If you want to cover a particular area, make sure to get a little extra on the sides, as a wider shot can help you collect details in complex criminal instances. You must place cameras in open space to avoid any dead spaces.

Camera Type:

Choose the right CCTV type depending on your site’s needs. For instance, if you choose a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera for outdoors, it’d be prone to weather damage. Hence, you must arrange proper protection against outdoor PTZ cameras. However, PTZ cameras work well for zooming in on transactions and monitoring visitors. Also, you can choose fixed cameras, as fixed cameras have higher resolution. Besides, you can choose thermal imaging cameras for COVID-19 protection, or an infrared-sensitive camera for night-viewing solutions, or a fisheye lens camera for ultra-wide angles, and so on.

CCTV System Integration:

For better efficiency and instant intrusion detection, you must integrate your CCTV with other security systems. CCTV integration with other systems such as an access control system, automated door, alarm monitoring system can be a tricky task if you don’t involve expert technicians. Experienced security service can save your time on the installation and configuration of the complex security system setup. If you’re looking for expert CCTV installers, you can contact Abeera LTD at 020 3737 3990 or