Actively searching for the CCTV System costs? Let this blog be a guide to you. This article should help you figure out the quotes you receive from different CCTV services.

Besides, Abeera Ltd is a CCTV Installation Company, offering you security system installation service at affordable costs. Normally, the cost of a small scale system starts from £500 plus VAT. But prices can differ dramatically between different installations. We are going to shed light into some aspects that generally affect your CCTV installation expenses.

Without any further ado, let start:

Resolution/Image Quality:

The camera resolution or picture quality can greatly affect the quotes or estimates that a CCTV Installation Company offers you. You can go for a 5MP full HD CCTV system or 8MP for crystal clear images.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras:

For an external camera, CCTV Services also calculate the costs of a junction box to protect it from damage. Indoor CCTV cameras are less expensive, as there is no consideration needed for weatherproofing. Outdoor cameras, on the other hand, are subjected to fall, rainwater and weathering.

Camera Type:

A CCTV Installation Company can offer different types of camera to choose from, for instance, dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, or convert CCTV cameras. Installation costs that CCTV services charge vary greatly, depending on the features and quality of a CCTV system.

Hard Drive Size/Capacity:

Greater quality allows you to connect more cameras. Further, the amount of days you have to go back, depends significantly on the hard disk drive capacity. The same way, high resolutions images require more capacity to save information.

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