Home and business CCTV monitoring services allow you to monitor the interior and exterior of your property. The need for residential and commercial camera systems is higher than ever before. The total number of CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom is projected to 5.2 million. Likewise, 96% of the total number of cameras are used by home and business owners in the UK. London has a total of 689,000 surveillance cameras. Other cities with most CCTV cameras are mentioned below in the image.

Further, we’re going to describe how different types of CCTV monitoring services such as commercial camera surveillance as well as residential CCTV solutions can benefit your home and business in the long run.

Peace of Mind – knowing that you have CCTV installed at your property makes you feel safe and secure. This is one of the greatest benefits of why many home and business owners rely on camera surveillance.

Crime Prevention – Due to CCTV monitoring services, most criminals are dissuaded from committing major crimes such as theft, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and the likes. Most burglars would use the easiest options for criminal activities. A home or office without any security system would be their first choice.

Persecution – if a crime does occur in your home or office, the prosecutions have a high possibility of being successful. Suspects can easily be tracked, identified, and caught with the help of CCTV monitoring services. And video footage is convincing evidence for courts.

Real-time Alerts – IP enabled CCTV cameras give you real-time alerts to your smartphone in response to motion detection. Push notification system alerts you in the meantime and helps you to take urgent action when required. 

Wireless Video Monitoring – wireless cameras use wifi to offer real-time monitoring. Which not only improves the security system’s relativity but also simplifies security infrastructure and its installation as you can see in the following image.

Low Price, High Quality – These days CCTV monitoring services are relatively inexpensive. Surveillance cameras installed by professional security services like Abeera LTD are cost-effective and when looking at the benefits described above are well worth the price. If you want to hire one of the leading CCTV monitoring services, you can contact our fully certified electronic security company at 020 3737 3990 or sales@abeera.co.uk.