Retail CCTV System restricts break-ins, vandalism, thieves, false transactions and retail internal theft. One of the hardest things to fight is an internal retail theft that’s why retail business owners in the UK are turning to Abeera LTD for security and surveillance solutions.

What is Flash Rob Theft & How Retail CCTV Services Can Stop it? 

Flash rob is a new genre of theft, and CCTV installation can help solve such threatening cases. It’s turning into a serious issue in metropolitan cities. Working its way into every new city every day by a huge batch of young adults or adolescents; who raid a store to steal goods, all the while tossing and smashing items, shouting and making threatening remarks, and posing an intense danger to everyone. With the help of the retail CCTV System, it’s easier to identify the culprits.

What is Sweethearting & How Retail CCTV Services Can Stop it?

Sweethearting is a form of retail theft by workers, and CCTV installation can help reduce this crime. Some retail workmen offer unauthorized product discounts to their close family members and friends. They do it by missing out to scan an item or entering false numbers. Management 283 in retail shops often miss noticing sweethearting as workers learn discrete schemes to sell free or discounted items at the cash register. A CCTV system can easily spot such incidents and keep a check on them.

What’s Shoplifting & How Retail CCTV Services Can Stop it?

Uplifting is an action of stealing goods from a retail shop by a customer, and a CCTV system can easily identify such unauthorized activities. The UK and Wales recently recorded a total number of 359000 shoplifting offences. The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention has estimated the value of shoplifted goods over $13 million each year. It should be enough reason for you to install security cameras. A retail CCTV installation can easily depict clear pictures through vivid images and video footages and restrict such crimes.

CCTV Services: CCTV Company Abeera LTD

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