Wondering about the costs of an alarm system in Croydon? Well, the cost of burglar alarms and burglar alarm system installation vary greatly. Normally they come with a starting price of £399 plus VAT for wireless alarm kit.

The cost depends on the type of alarm you choose. We’ll look at each type that is available at an affordable cost in the market:

Burglar Alarm Panel:

(i) Alert alarms – First off, you will find a “bells-only” alarm, or an “alert” alarm. For intruder detection, it has a loud audible siren. If the alarm detects a break-in, the bell starts ringing and lasts for 20 mins. The control panel of burglar alarms sends out not only a ringing noise but also a message to ten people. After burglar alarm system installation, it delivers messages via a smartphone’s sim card or a landline connection. As soon as the first person responds to a message or a call, it stops reaching out to others in the list.

(ii) Monitored Alarms – Last, you will also find “monitored” security alarms.

After a break-in, the loud siren noise along with the message is sent to a live operator. This way, the monitoring staff member can call you. If you don’t pick up the phone connected with burglar alarm system installation, the staff can contact a key holder you choose. And the key holder can either be your family, a friend or a security firm. Monitored burglar arms may be higher in prices as compared to the bell only types of alarms.


Sensors measure all unexpected changes.

Infrared detectors are the most common ones. They measure the temperature inside a room. Any deviation in the temperature results in the alarm sound.

Wire or Wireless:

The costs of wired or wireless burglar alarm system installation vary, depending on various factors. Wireless systems connect the alarm to sensors. They are battery operated. In case of a battery outage a red LED starts to flash out of the burglar alarms.

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