Wondering what to choose between a wired or wireless Burglar Alarms? Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Wireless Burglar Alarm installation proves to be more streamlined. On the other hand, hardwired alarm systems prove to have an edge on constancy.

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The pros and cons of both systems come down to two issues:

  • Performance differences
  • Installation concerns

Difference Between Wired & Wireless Burglar Alarms:

(i) Wireless System: Alarm Installation Services offers a security system that consists of a control panel and a whole network of sensors, that form the connection with the outer world through a landline or cellular connection. More precisely, wireless Burglar Alarms use radiofrequency technology and employ individual sensors to communicate to the control panel. Likewise, the control panel connects to the outside world via a cellular uplink after Wireless Burglar Alarm installation.

(ii) Wired System: Alarm Installation Services offer a wired system that is based on sensors, control panels, and a network of wires that connect to the outside world via a landline.

When to Choose a Wireless System?

If a residential or commercial area is without any pre-installed security system, a wireless system can be a better choice. No need to worry about making any modifications, drilling holes, and other such problems. Wireless alarm systems prove best for renters or homeowners with temporary residence. Also,  Alarm Installation Services can install it in commercial areas and historic buildings with not enough stone, bricks or marble construction.

Just like wifi routers, one potential drawback of the Wireless Burglar Alarm installation is that it’s subjected to different kinds of interferences. As a result, the sensors fail to function and respond properly, and hence sometimes it may trigger a false alarm. This interference comes from various sources like fluorescent lighting, power lines, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and remote control etc.

Besides, one major advantage is that after the change of location, the Wireless Burglar Alarms only require you to reconnect to the new address.

When to Choose a Wired System?

For a pre-wired home, wired system installation can be a better choice. If you contact the previous provider, activating the security system is not difficult. Instead of hiring a new wired or wireless Burglar Alarm installation service, all you need is a tech visit for the previous system update. Even if you want to choose a new provider, installing and updating the existing wired security system is pretty simple and straightforward, not requiring much effort. In most cases, the system requires a new control panel or converter. And as for the sensors, they should work fine as long as the wiring is not injured.

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