Simply defined, the term “Access Control System” refers to any technique employed to authorize access in to or out of a given space. At its simplest, standard lock with a brass key is an outdated form of a door entry system. Today, computer-based modernized electronic door entry systems are popular all across the UK.

For instance, the following attached images display a modern access control system wiring in the cabinet for 18 Doors. The system uses quality PAC 512 Controllers and versatile GS3 Multi-Technology Readers with built-in Videx Intercom integration.

Building Access Control System

Benefits of Best Access Control System:

  • Secures your premises
  • Saves yourself some time
  • Simplifies your life
  • Saves you money

What Makes the Best Access Control System?

An access control system is loaded with some great features that can eliminate security risks as well as regulate entry into your facility.

1) Custom Access Levels – You can generate different access levels for your guests and staff. To elaborate, level 1 for guests, level 2 for accessing meeting rooms/server rooms, level 3 for the IT department/security team, and so on.

2) Temporarily Unlock a Door – You can schedule the door to unlock at certain periods on a specific day.

3) Set Up Start and Expiry Dates – You can issue access cards valid for only specific days, or weeks, months or years.

4) Automatically Lock and Unlock Doors – You don’t have to lock or unlock manually. The access control system does the job for you.

5) Custom Reports – You can get custom reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

6) Custom Alarm Notifications – You can set notifications for common situations as “Door Held Open”, as well as for serious situations as “Door Forced Open”.

7) Set Up Photo Notifications – You can set up a notification when employees pass through your door.

8) Lock Down Mode – You can disable all users to get access. Visitors can enter only if the lockdown mode of the access control system is lifted.

9) Live Video when Alarm Goes Off  – You can access live video in case the alarm goes off.

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