On a global scale, coronavirus has rebuilt our society from travel to shopping, from social distancing to security and surveillance.

A rapid ascent in the change of security measures is obvious. Security systems like infrared cameras can detect temperature and restrict entrances based on temperature differences.

Besides, video analytics, access control systems, doorbell security, electric bollards, remote monitoring, alarm monitoring systems help home and business owners receive real-time notifications alerts to their smartphone devices. Such monitoring makes users aware of all visitors and everything else from delivery of goods to grocery.

Further, home and business security integration and automation by security providers like Abeera LTD authorize contactless security systems and lower the risks of COVID-19 transmission.

Video Analytics

This intelligent technology deciphers what to capture and what to ignore. You can set an activity zone and control what triggers an alert and what does not. You can set the system to activate an indoor light or an alarm siren. As soon as the user-designated line is crossed, you get an instant alert to your smartphone. You can monitor a particular field-of-view and identify if the limits of people exceeded in a given space.

You Can Remotely Control The Following Activities:

  • Identifying Crowds Limits Through Video Analytics
  • Monitoring Doorbell CCTV Cameras for Expected Deliveries
  • Setting Heating & Cooling With Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Adding Smart Locks for Deterrence & Entry Control
  • Adding Audio Door intercom systems to allow contactless communications
  • Door Access Control Systems For Counting Number of People Entering
  • Controlling Alerts By Remotely Arming or Disarming Security Alarm Systems

Electronic Security Company: Abeera LTD

Electronic security company Abeera Ltd is known all over the UK for providing home and business owners with quality security and surveillance systems. The company offers you the installation of all types of security systems at cost-effective rates. Order now by contacting the sales team at 020 3737 3990 or sales@abeera.co.uk.