Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarms are the classic form of residential and commercial security against intruders. These alarm systems are developed to detect when someone enters your property without a key or electronic password. The technology behind this detection utilizes both motion sensors and infrared beams. When someone enters your home and crosses one of these beams, it will trigger the alarm system. Normally the alarms are set to go off within 10 to 20 seconds after it detects someone on the property. This extra time buffer will give homeowners and authorized personnel a chance to deactivate the alarm before it goes off. The person just enters in their pin number onto the keypad of the intruder alarm system, which is located right next to the door as they walk inside. After the number is entered correctly, the alarm will deactivate before setting off a loud noise and notifying the police of unlawful entry. So if an unauthorized person comes onto the property then they obviously aren’t going to know the pin number that will deactivate the alarm. This means they won’t have much time to steal anything or damage your property.

Once the alarm sounds off, it will be so loud that no intruder in the world would want to stick around. And even if they did, the police would be there within a matter of minutes. But most intruders are at least smart enough not to even try to break into a property if there is an alarm. All you have to do is put the alarm system warnings on the outside of your property. The majority of break-ins are prevented simply by advertising your alarm system to the potential intruder. If you purchase our security services then it will come with a complementary warning sign to put on your window or stick in the ground of your property.

When you are looking for someone to install a quality and affordable intruder alarm system on your property, you should consider choosing Abeera Technology Reincarnated. We are a security technology company with years of experience in taking care of our clients’ intruder alarm needs. We utilize the security technology of both Honeywell and Visonic to deliver the best intruder alarm system that money can buy. If you would like to receive a free consultation then give us a call or email us by using the contact information at the top of the screen.

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