Door Entry System

Door entry systems have been around for decades. These are those audio door entry systems that you often see in apartment buildings where someone communicates to you through a microphone and speaker. Then you decide if you want to let them in or not based on who it is and what they tell you. This audio door entry system can also be found in corporate buildings where people on the outside will communicate with the security personnel on the inside. If the person has an appointment or forgets their key then the personnel will buzz them in. In other words, they will automatically unlock the door so the person on the outside can open it and gain entry to the building.
The most common type of door is one that can be physically opened with mechanical door furniture. This is simply where someone turns the handle and opens the door. The second type of door is automated with an electronic door release. You might want to have this option installed in your system in case you want to make the door friendly to people who are disabled or cannot use their hands. Some establishments will even make a handicap entrance that is separate from the regular entrance. There are many different kinds of door entry systems that are suitable for a variety of security purposes. Whatever way you want to work your door entry system, we can accommodate your desires with quality and professionalism.
Abeera Technology Reincarnated has years of experience in installing, supplying and servicing every door entry system used today. The door entry products we use for our installations come from big brand companies like BitronVideo, Comelit, Entrotec, VX Videx, Entryphone, Golmar and more. Our systems can be used in all types of properties such as commercial, industrial and residential. As for the environment, we can install the system indoors or outdoors. All of our outdoor products are weather proof and will not be damaged in rain or windy conditions. You could literally have this door entry system installed anywhere on your property. Just let our experts know what you had in mind and we will give you our best recommendation based on what you tell us. So if you are interested in getting a free consultation and learning more about our services, then please give us a call or send us an email by using the contact information on the top of this page.



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