CCTV Systems

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, is used in all forms of video surveillance. It uses video cameras to transmit a video feed or signal to a specific place, which is usually the surveillance monitors that security guards watch inside the building. This is different than broadcast television which gets transmitted to everyone. CCTV goes to a specific place only. These video signals are often recorded on the receiving end, so even if no one is watching there will still be a log of all the recorded video. That way if someone burglarizes or steals something from your property, you will be able to capture their appearance on video and provide this evidence to law enforcement. But if you happen to be watching the video while the criminal acts are taking place, you can call law enforcement in real time and have these criminals captured before they get away.
CCTV systems are suitable for all types of property. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have industrial, commercial or residential property that you want to protect. CCTV system is useful in all situations. For example, residential properties are not known for having security people watching on the inside. But with the recorded video option, you can refer back to it if you notice that your property has been vandalized or burglarized. Plus there are so many new technological features added to CCTV security systems which allow homeowners to check the video feed from virtually any location with a Wi-Fi internet connection and a smartphone. This is called an IP CCTV system. That’s right you can have your CCTV video get delivered to you digitally on your smartphone by using a wireless internet connection. It can work with any one of the main smartphone operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS.
If you are interested in getting a CCTV installation then consider hiring us at Abeera Technology Reincarnated. We provide the very best pan-tilt-zoom cameras with all our CCTV security systems. Not only do these let you point the camera in multiple directions from a remote location, you can also place cameras in multiple locations as well. Then you will have the ability to view video from any one of your cameras by simply going on your smartphone. If you want to see video that you missed, you can access a special cloud database that has an archive of all the recently recorded video. This can also be accessed from your smartphone as well. To get a free consultation on our amazing CCTV installation services, use the contact information on the top of this page and we will provide you with the best security options for your situation.


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