About Us

Who is Abeera?


Founded in 2013 by Shaheryar Shahid, Abeera is the solution based security company that has your safety in mind. Based at the very heart of busy town, Croydon, Surrey, Abeera employs a team of dedicated professionals. Their combined years of experience in Electronic Security, IT Development, Telecom Engineering and Entrepreneurship are the key to designing solutions for clients from any industry. Whether you’re part of a multinational organization or a smaller-scale operation, Abeera can find a solution tailor fit to your exact needs and specifications.

The Team


At Abeera, differently skilled individuals come together to form a team that’s passionate about their work. We have electronic security professionals who take care of integrating security functions into one, allowing for easy management and surveillance. Together with our IT Development team, they use their expertise to design, implement and install top of the line electronic security. A strong entrepreneurial culture binds the team together and encourages each and every member to be the best and most enthusiastic in the industry. The spirit of collaboration is alive and well. It allows everyone to deliver nothing less than the highest quality and the most innovative solutions to our clients. We understand that the world of electronic security is demanding. We have made it our mission to take on the challenge and rise above the competition. Security is paramount to any business, in any industry. Every day, the news is filled with all the reasons why you need to have strict security standards. But it’s hardly a one size fits all solution. Diversified and personalized security solutions are needed to ensure that you, your loved ones and your business aren’t compromised. At Abeera, our dedicated team of professionals will use all their know how to quickly provide you with the best security system solution to fit your needs. No matter how small or large the enterprise, we have the quick fix. We also have ease of use in mind and all these without breaking the bank. Abeera Ltd – where technology is reincarnated to protect you and everything you hold dear. Let us take care of you.


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